Get a Grip on Plumbing

December 11, 2006

I’ve still got some questions about plumbing.


I have asked several different SIP installers and manufactures about how to deal with the issue of plumbing and the standard response is; don’t put plumbing in exterior walls. That is pretty sound advice even if you live in the half of the country that allows it in the code.

Plan your house accordingly and you shouldn’t have any problems right?

 lilliputian debate

But what about venting?

Again the answer is planning. I called my local plumbing source, Ed Cunha, who lives on the Cape. He said that if I’m not a…, um if I’m pleasant to my building inspector, he will probably say minimum pitch is ok (2-by block on one end and half-block in the middle). That means, in the space between the floors or inside walls, I could collect all my venting into one three-inch pipe (provided I don’t have seventeen bathrooms) and then turn it vertical. This way I’d only put one penetration through my SIP roof. If the pipe is going to be easily seen from the ground, Cunha will use copper to dress it up a bit.

On another note, some people have asked me what it is really like to work at FHB. Short answer: Great!

And as far as all the free stuff floating around, take a look at these shwag stacks.

 Free shwag:  All you can take


Not-free shwag: Testers only then this stuff goes back

 Don’t touch!


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