SIPs raise big questions

November 25, 2006

Building with SIPs raises a whole host of questions; a never ending stream of what ifs, what abouts, and I never thought of thats.

John Brown

I bat these questions around in conversations and online and make lists of questions for the industry experts. I’ll get to these questions…

But first I digress.       

be-safe.jpg  empire

My grandfather was an ironworker. He worked the day he died and I never met him. My father was a rivet catcher until he said FU to that and never looked back. More power to him and my growing up sheltered. I huffed dust as a framing and finish carpenter until I laid down my own nail gun and started banging away at a keyboard. I look back every day and love every minute of it. What I had and what I have.


It works for me because I still have the connection to shelter. Our shelters evolve with us and we evolve into them. For most of us, our shelter is our single biggest investment and asset. Also for most of us, it’s our single  biggest consumptive item. It’s our biggest black mark on the earth.


And it’s the place we can make the biggest positive impact. 



  1. I have been using sips for a few years. One problem is what to do with the scraps. I have been using quite a few, but window cutouts and the like are hard to find a use. I built a 30 ft. wall out of gable cutoffs from a job. a square is just two triangles.

  2. Al Weener,
    I am not sure where you are located, but you may want to ask your SIP supplier to precut your panels. I have never ordered panels that have to be cut on the jobsite. It is too time consuming and expensive to deal with the waste on site. Rehandling, and recutting the panels for use on another project is not an efficient use of time or materials. If your supplier does not precut, you may want to consider looking for another provider.
    Curt Stendel
    Panelworks Plus, Inc.

  3. Curt,

    That’s a good point. There was some discussion today about how to evaluate getting blank panels as apposed to precut with lumber installed.

    Al says that the installer working with structural insulated panels may not be doing themselves a favor by ordering blanks and cutting them himself. He figures he saves 25% on labor by ordering precut w/ lumber installed. Of course this has to be weighed against the added cost from the supplier but Al seems to think it’s worth it.

    John Ross

  4. ohh k and thats where we r OMG is that WHERE we R lol

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